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     CompressAir provides the most efficient and reliable products available to the market today for any industry including Medical, Food & Beverage, and General Manufacturing. Products that we have to offer are stationary air compressors, portable and truck mount air compressors, oil-free and centrifugal compressors, medical air and vacuum, blowers, air treatment, air system controls and monitoring, and system piping solutions and accessories. 




     CompressAir is a full service distributor and service center for all makes and models of industrial equipment specializing in compressed air systems. With factory trained personnel and a DOE-certified AirMaster on staff, CompressAir can analyze your system to provide the most accurate data possible on your current system.  This allows us to deliver cost-saving compressed air systems customized specifically for your situation. We pride ourselves on our customer service and provide around-the-clock emergency service to minimize any unplanned downtime and production loss.



       Air Audits

     Did you know that up to 50% of large scale air compressor energy is wasted due to piping leaks? Having an air audit performed by CompressAir means getting your entire compressed air system evaluated for ways that your company can maximize your system’s efficiency and save money by reducing waste, lowering your energy consumption and extending the life of your system through maintenance optimizations. Often times there are enough saving opportunities found to allow companies to take advantage of local energy rebates towards more efficient equipment.