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Preventative Maintenance

Keeping up on your equipment's maintenance will help extend the lifetime and keep your equipment under warranty. Don't risk your compressor's performance by using alternative parts. You can count on Sullair's Genuine parts to maintain the health of your air compressor. A basic PM should be performed at 2,000 hours or every six months and includes, change of FLUID FILTER, AIR FILTER AND FLUID SAMPLING. A full PM should be performed at 8,000 hours or yearly and includes change of FLUID FILTER, AIR FILTER, SEPARATOR AND FLUID SAMPLING. Please take the environment your machines are housed in

into consideration when creating a preventative maintenance plan for your compressed air equipment. 

  • Air Filtration
    Sullair's Optimalair catches particles that are up to five times smaller than those that would sneak past a substitute product. Protect your compressor from airborne contaminants with an air filter. 
  • Air/Oil Separator
    Sullair's Optimizer is engineered for the fluid to effectively retain and re-use, meaning fewer top-offs which saves you money. Just as dust contaminates air, it too can contaminate compressor fluid. An air/fluid separator's function is to retain fluid in the system for re-use in the compressor unit.
  • Fluid Filtration
    Sullair's genuine oil filters are engineered to catch harmful contaminants that can find their way into your fluid. Having reduced performances and air end failures means their is contaminants in your compressor lubricant. With an exceptional filter, it will help reject some of the smallest particles, maintaining the fluid's quality and performance while helping to protect internal components. 
  • Compressor Lubricants
    Do you want a long life expectancy for your air compressor? Sullair's Genuine Lubricants clean the dirt your can't even see! Contact our service department and convert your air compressors to Sullair's Genuine Lubricants. 
  • Compressor Fluid Analysis
    A small sample of fluid can tell you a lot about your machine: it's condition, performance, life span, efficiency, maintenance requirements and more. This can help you: optimize your maintenance schedule, calculate maintenance costs, evaluate the condition of your equipment and determine the performance level of your lubricant. 
Emergency Repair 24/7 Anytime. Anywhere.
      For all emergency system repairs you can call us anytime and a technician will be dispatched to your location to assist.  If your emergency is after normal business hours simply dial Option 2 to be connected directly to the service technician on call.  We service ranging from Northern Indiana to Chicagoland area.
Energy Efficiency Programs
     To help businesses and facilities reduce electricity usage, ComEd and NIPSCO have developed Energy Efficiency Programs to improve the efficiency of companies' equipment. Contact your sales representative at CompressAir to see if you're eligible for energy incentive rebates in your area.

Preventative maintenance for all makes of compressors and compressed air systems
     We can customize a preventative maintenance agreement tailored to your specific system needs and production schedules. We are happy to work with you by providing custom billing options to help you budget your maintenance costs. We can bill the entire year up front at a discounted rate, bill a set amount monthly or provide you with lease options that allow you to pay for your compressed air the same way you handle your other utilities.  

Diesel Backup Air
     We can bring a portable compressor to keep you running during service so there is no need to schedule service on days when production isn't running or have to rent a machine for the day to have your equipment maintained. Our rates for backup are much more cost effective than renting a machine for the day.  

Ultrasonic Leak Detection
     We can find and tag leaks throughout your system. You can fix them or we will happily provide an estimate to repair them for you.  

Vibration analysis
      If your compressors are supplying critical processes in your plant, vibration analysis can be added to a routine preventative maintenance plan to augment oil sample analysis. This can alert us of developing failures so we can proactively plan needed repairs,  avoiding costly unexpected downtime.
     We can provide training on site with one of our technicians to learn basics of how to perform maintenance. We can also provide a classroom based training seminar to help better educate your maintenance personnel as to how the equipment and system should operate. The training will also provide tips on maintaining as well as how to identify problems to make sure your compressed air system is being utilized as efficiently as possible.