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   An audit of your compressed air system can highlight the true costs of your system and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.  In some cases, your local utility might help finance a complete system audit. CompressAir has DOE-certified AirMasters on staff with the expertise to offer both levels of comprehensive air system analysis. Learn more here!

A simple Compressed Air System Assessment can identify:
  • Air leaks within the existing system.
  • Inappropriate uses of compressed air which cause unnecessary drain on the system.
  • System volatility due to demand events.
  • Processes most sensitive to low pressure.
  • High volume and intermittent uses.
  • Capacity control problems.
  • Maintenance issues and dependability risks.
A more comprehensive Compressed Air System Audit will include data logging of power, pressure and flow (if applicable) throughout the system. This complete evaluation of the current air system will identify any issues within the current system which might contribute to lowered productivity, excessive costs, or downtime for unplanned maintenance.   This in-depth system analysis will provide:
  • A baseline for measuring the results of any changes to the system.
  • A detailed diagram of the present system components showing the compressor operations, control strategy, and the storage capacity.
  • Graphs showing data collected over time.
  • End-use pressure and air quality requirements.
  • A demand profile that identifies significant end-uses and their impact on the system.
  • A pressure profile recognizing what determines the system operating pressure and suggestions for system changes.
  • A controls strategy determined through real-time analysis.
  • A list of air leaks with recommendations for a leak repair and management program.
  • Suggestions for compressed air end-uses which may be better served by appropriate alternatives.
  • Information on potential applications for heat recovery, if not already in use.
  • A review of maintenance procedures and training that might be beneficial.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection: We can locate and tag the leaks throughout your system. We will happily provide an estimate to repair them for you.